Polaris (2019)

Immersive light, interactive video installations and performance

[Polaris] first performance had shown at [DXARTS:Iterations] at Good Shepherd Center, on March 2019(Link),

[Polaris] solo exhibition at Oxbow gallery in Georgetown, Seattle, on April 2019(Link),
[Polaris] installation and second performance had shown at [Bellwether Art Festival] at Bellevue Art Museum, and Bellevue City Hall, on August 2019  (Link).

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Polaris is a space to discover the signal within that connects all of us through immersive light and interactive video installation. Polaris is inspired by starlight and our existence in the universe. We have a signal within us that we can use to communicate with other worlds. The Introspective signal that connects all of us might be in a dead zone temporarily, but we should believe that it is within us. Our signal connects us to the universe, and could be something we can see, feel, or touch. Like footsteps echoing in a cave, your movements through Polaris will be echoed in the light it shines as it reacts to your presence. People are invited into The Polaris Experience by an 8’ x 4’ sculpture which contains motion-activated LEDs with IR receivers. The sculpture is shaped like using four profiles of my face.
The first Polaris show, located in the Georgetown Oxbow gallery, was scheduled for April 2019.

The second Polaris show, located in Bellevue Art Museum and Bellevue City Hall, was scheduled for September 2019. A new iteration of my performance was shown on Friday, September 13 at the Bellevue Art Museum.

For more information about Polaris project, click here.

Commissioned by City of Bellevue
Additional funds by Oxbow gallery Seattle, City of Bellevue, and Howard P. Dallas Award for 2018-2019, DXARTS.

Special Thanks for Lu Wang, Sarah Lisette Chiesa, Katrina Wolfe, Joey Largent, Maxx Yamasaki, Afroditi Psarra, Richard Karpen, Lockwood family(OXBOW) and Marcus Crider, Scott McDonald, Janet Galore, Cameron Fraser, Alaa Amed, Aashna Dev. and Peter Clark

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