Loop Series: 3 different game performances project:

[8Bit Bebop], [Loop-Hoop], and [Loop Pa Pow].

2015 December, 2016  January-May

[8Bit Bebop] was exhibited at New Blood XL, in December 2016, at the Links hall, Chicago. (Link),
[Loop-Hoop] was exhibited at Poly Play 2016 in February 2016, at LeRoy Neiman Center of School of Art Institute of Chicago.  (Link).
[Loop Pa Pow] was exhibited at the M.F.A Thesis show in May 2016, at Sullivan Gallery School of Art Institute of Chicago.  (Link).

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In the game's universe, participants are encouraged to engage with a series of video games that transport them to a surreal and mind-altering cyberspace. The journey begins at the lowest level titled "No Country for Women" (여자를 위한 곳은 없다), where the protagonist faces male chauvinists, sexists, anti-feminists, and misogynists depicted as malevolent monsters obstructing their path. This fictional world, inspired by real-life events, materializes fully when both the abstract and cognitive aspects of the mental realm and the physical and material aspects of the tactile realm are simultaneously activated.

The objective of Loop Pa Pow is to overcome the barriers hindering the protagonist, leap over obstacles, defeat enemies, ascend to the highest level, and transition to another world. The interplay between inner space (the video game) and outer space (the performance) amplifies and activates the performance space. For me, this deliberate rejection of boundaries also serves as an act of rebellion against rigid rules and oppressive societal norms. By manifesting symbolic and abstract game characters in the physical realm, I aim to materialize the concepts and ideas embodied by these spirits.

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