Wearable game controller, FLY HIGH

2018 May

exhibited on May 2018, at the Grocery gallery,  Seattle (Link),
exhibited on February 2020, at New INC, New Museum, New York City (Link).

Fly High is an interactive experience that combines a video game and performance art. Participants play the game by wearing a dress that is the controller. The dress controls the main character, Baby Mt. Rainier and sends it high into the universe.
I am inspired daily by the beauty and visual complexity of Mt. Rainier. The weather seems to change its color and that’s where the Baby Mt. Rainier’s colorful design originated.

For more information about FLY HIGH project,  
click here.

Model: Maxx Yamasaki
Special Thanks for Afroditi Psarra , Peter Clark and Intae Hwang.
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